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We understand how difficult it can be to stick to a strict diet plan, which is why SunBasket is the perfect option for you if you find yourself looking for a healthy meal plan. SunBasket provide delicious whole ingredients delivered straight to your door for optimum convenience, and from premium proteins and sustainably sourced seafood to home-made sauces, there really is nothing they don’t offer. Read on for our full review.
How Does SunBasket Work?
When you choose SunBasket, you will receive flexible meal plans delivered weekly, containing fresh ingredients and straightforward, yet delicious recipes. When you create your account and fill in the required details, SunBasket will customise your meal plan to ensure it is suitable for all your individual requirements. Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about receiving food you and your family won’t like, as you can choose your own recipes each week or select from the Classic Menu and Family Menu.
Different compared to other healthy meal kit providers, SunBasket provides their customers with organic and non-GMO seasonal ingredients wherever possible, and thus you can rest assured that your produce is fresh and ready to eat. Due to the fact that SunBasket want you to enjoy your experience, you will receive a 100% money back guarantee on all food if you are unhappy with the service – providing that you contact the helpful support team within 7 days of delivery.
What Does SunBasket Offer?
At SunBasket, there are two plan options, known as the ‘Classic Menu’ and the ‘Family Menu’. By choosing the Classic Menu, you will be given access to all 18 Sun Basket nutritionist-approved recipes available each week, including 6 family-friendly recipes to try. Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and Mediterranean are amongst the meal plan options you can choose from and all Classic Menu recipes are portioned for up to four adults depending on the plan you select.
Alternatively, you can choose the Family Menu which truly makes things straightforward. By opting for the Family Menu, you can choose from 6 child-friendly recipes each week, completed with vegetarian mean plan options and all recipes that are a part of the Family Menu are portioned for four adults. Ultimately, when it comes to choosing a meal plan from SunBasket, know that they offer the best value on Family Menu plans, with the option to upgrade to the Classic Menu at any given time to unlock more delicious recipes.
Pros & Cons
With SunBasket, you will receive an exciting bundle of hand-selected seasonal ingredients from some of countries top farmers, so you can be sure you are receiving organic and sustainable produce. Also notably, when using SunBasket, most meals take approximately only 30 minutes to prepare using step-by-step recipes for optimum ease.
Moreover, SunBasket has multiple gifting options. You can give up to four weeks of delicious Sun Basket meals for up to four people. Simply select the number of weeks, and they are then automatically calculated for three meals. You desired will be notified email of their new gift in which they can create an account and select what meals they want to receive.
Despite the healthy and delicious 30a minute recipes and eco-friendly packaging your organic good will arrive in, users of this services are required to pay $5.99 per shipment once they have used their introductory offer, regardless of how much they order. Whilst many meal plan services charge shipping, most, if not all, only do so if you order two meals per week, but with three meals each week, Sun Basket still requires you to pay for delivery!
As you would expect, the pricing of SunBasket differs depending on the meal plan you have selected, whether it is the Classic Menu or Family Menu. Below, we have assembled a simple table to demonstrate the costs of the meal plans depending on the plan you have selected.
Classic Menu
  • 3 Recipes - $11.99 Total Per Serving - $71.94 Weekly Total
Family Menu
  • 2 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $79.92 Weekly Total
  • 3 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $119.88 Weekly Total
  • 4 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $159.84 Weekly Total
Delivery Details
With SunBasket, all of your meal plans will be delivered straight to your door, including the best organic and sustainable produce and meat that is free from antibiotics among much else. With your first order from SunBasket, you are not required to pay any delivery costs. However, after your first delivery, you will be required to pay $5.99 per delivery, no matter the quantity you order. Currently, SunBasket ships to 47 states, but currently does not deliver to AK, HI, MT and parts of NM.
Help & Support
The SunBasket website is teeming with useful information, boasting an in-depth FAQ page to answer all of your questions regardless of whether they involve the creation of meal plans or what you will receive in your Sun Basket. In the event that you are unable to find the answer that you were looking for or should you need to contact SunBasket because something is missing or your basket arrives late you can get in touch via email or telephone and speak to a SunBasket support team member on 855-204-7597. If you don’t have time to speak to a team member on the phone, you can email SunBasket at join@sunbasket.com. SunBasket do not currently offer a live chat service.
Bottom Line
Despite the delivery charge, SunBasket is certainly one of the most impressive meal kit delivery services available on the market today, providing high-quality ingredients and fun recipes for the entire family to enjoy. As they continue to expand, we are eager to see what they cook up next!
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