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Plated is the ultimate service for people who love food. With Plated, you will rest assured receive everything you could possible need – if not more – to make the most amazing meals. With Plated, you no longer need to struggle deciding what to have for dinner thanks to the perfectly customised box you will receive in the post containing food you are bound to love. Find out more about how Plated works below.
How Does Plated Work?
Ultimately, Plated provides you with a more efficient way to cook dinner at home. Luckily for you, it’s not just the cooking that is straightforward, as signing up for Plated is easy too. When you sign up for Plated, you simply need to identify how often you would like to cook, and what you generally like to eat. With this information, Plated will generate numerous personalized plans you can choose from that fit your schedule. You can then choose from 20 inspiring new recipes each week, of which you can include desserts should you wish to treat yourself to a tasteful delight. When you receive your weekly box, it will contain everything you need to replicate the meals you have seen online. Convenience has never been so tasty!
What Does Plated Offer?
With Plated, you can select the perfect meal-kit plan depending on how often you want to cook and who is at home. When it comes to selecting your ideal meal-kit plan, you have three main options to choose from, which are:
  • 2 servings per night
  • 3 servings per night
  • 4 servings per night
Unlike other meal-kit plan providers, Plated offers the flexibility you desire. Not only can your adjust your plan options according to your busy week ahead and delivery day from week to week, you can mix and match from 20 weekly recipes – including dessert! What more could you want? Seared steak bibimbap, blackened cod and fontina-stuffed chicken complete with roasted spring vegetables in particular are amongst the favourite meals listed on the website.
Pros & Cons
Rest assured, Plated include organic produce and locally sourced ingredients within their boxes, including sustainably sourced first where possible. As well as providing food you will love and flexibility that cannot be matched elsewhere, you can manage your Plated account from your iPhone or android. In fact, you can do everything you can do on desktop directly on the app – and more! You can also rate and review your dishes via the app to let the team behind Plated know what you like, but most importantly, what you want more of! Furthermore, with Plated, there are no strings attached when you sign up, and thus you can skip weeks as you please should you go abroad or cancel your subscription at any given time.
Whilst everything is neatly packaged when it arrives, a major disadvantage of using Plated is the amount of waste you will be left with having cooking a delicious meal. Once you have cooked you meal, you will be left with a box, range of cooking packs and containers each of the products came in – which you may or may not decide to reuse. Further to this, despite the convenience of putting appetizing pre-prepared meals into the oven, depending on how much you are willing to spend, Plated is an one of the more expensive subscription services. Find out about pricing below.
As expected, the pricing of Plated is different depending on the plan you select, as well as according to the number of servings you choose. Below, we have assembled a simple table that clearly identifies the costs of the plans depending on the servings per night.
2 Servings Per Night
  • 2 Nights - $11.95 Total Per Serving - $47.80 Weekly Total
  • 3 Nights - $11.95 Total Per Serving - $71.70 Weekly Total
  • 4 Nights - $11.95 Total Per Serving - $95.60 Weekly Total
3 Servings Per Night
  • 2 Nights - $9.95 Total Per Serving - $59.70 Weekly Total
  • 3 Nights - $9.95 Total Per Serving - $89.55 Weekly Total
  • 4 Nights - $9.95 Total Per Serving - $119.40 Weekly Total
4 Servings Per Night
  • 2 Nights - $9.95 Total Per Serving - $79.60 Weekly Total
  • 3 Nights - $9.95 Total Per Serving - $119.40 Weekly Total
  • 4 Nights - $9.95 Total Per Serving - $159.20 Weekly Total
Delivery Details
The major benefit of Plated is that shipping is completely free, excluding weekly plans under $60. Moreover, with Plated, you can adjust your personal plan options and delivery day from week to week, so should you not be home to collect your delivery, you can rest assured eat healthily regardless.
Though not common, if your box was to arrive later than expected, you can still eat the food, and thus it isn’t a waste of money. This is because Plated send their produce in insulated boxes that are specifically designed to keep your food fresh until midnight on your designated delivery day. Oh, and did we mention that the box is recyclable?
Help & Support
Attaining help and support from Plated is more than straightforward. You will most likely find that your question has already been on the FAQ page, including how to cancel your subscription and more information about what kind of plans you can choose from. For additional plans, or if you can’t find the answer to your question, you should contact the helpful Customer Experience team at (855) 525-2399.
Bottom Line
Rest assured, you will most definitely love making Plated meals! Not only will Plated provide you with the ability to create new dishes you would otherwise not venture, but you may even try new things and fall in love with them. Despite the delicious meals, you may want to think carefully before you sign up, as it is a costly service. However, providing you can justify the cost, Plated is a worthwhile service that is able to deliver to 95 per cent of the United States.
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