The Best Meal Delivery Kits for Diabetics in 2019
April 19, 2019 / Hollie Shuttlewood / 3 minutes read
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Can't have it. Can't have it. Can't have it. That's the usual reaction when a diabetic runs their finger down the list of ingredients, recipes, or meal options being presented. This is not just frustrating, but it can lead to giving up on eating properly altogether, something that can have serious effects on a diabetic’s health and longevity. Because while most of us want to eat healthier, for some people, eating healthy isn’t just a matter of looking good in your 2-piece this summer. For a diabetic, sticking to a proper diet can often be a matter of life and death, and in all cases is a requirement for living a better, healthier lifestyle.
So, finding healthy options is hard for a diabetic. Add to that the time, skill, and financial pressures of eating a balanced diet, and it’s not surprising that diabetics everywhere are looking for a better solution. Fortunately, there’s an easy one! Meal delivery kits are popular for folks who want to lose weight or eat well without spending time in the kitchen. But meal delivery services can also be an excellent option for diabetics who need some help sticking to their diet plan. Meal delivery kits can help keep you on track in many ways, including:
  • Controlling blood sugar by showing you how much sugar is in each recipe
  • Managing weight by giving you exact portions and calorie count
  • Controlling risk factors like heart disease with healthy ingredients and recipes
  • Maintaining healthy blood fat and cholesterol levels
  • Ensuring that you eat proper meals regularly
Ready to start eating healthier the easy way? Here are 5 of the best meal delivery kits for diabetics this year.
  • Diabetes-specific menu plan
  • Recipes are chef-designed, nutritionist-approved
  • Only organic ingredients
For many diabetics, it all comes down to quality. If that’s your motto, then there is one meal delivery service you have to try. Sun Basket teams up with farmers, ranchers, and other distributors who raise their animals responsibly and sustainably.
So, all of the meals are made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic ingredients (USDA-certified and non-GMO produce), hormone-free meats, antibiotic-free seafood, and sustainably sourced options. This will not only make you feel better, but this type of quality is important for someone suffering from diabetes who needs to keep their calorie consumption on the highest tier.
But the commitment to quality doesn’t stop with the ingredients that go into your kit. All Sun Basket recipes are created by award-winning chefs that test out each recipe, tweaking it to perfection. So, you aren’t buying bland, boring, or tasteless meals; you’ll have your pick of 18 new scrumptious meals every week.
To top it all off, Sun Basket makes sure that each of the meals offered is healthy for you by getting the stamp of approval from a qualified nutritionist. The ingredients, recipes, and quantities are all reviewed and given the okay by a health professional, so you can rest easy knowing that Sun Basket is taking care of your health one meal at a time.
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  • Huge money savings
  • Tons of specialty menus
  • Meals in 30 minutes or less
What’s really nice about Home Chef is that it gives diabetics both the flexibility of options and the peace of mind knowing that all of the options are healthy ones. All of the meal options are organized into categories, so you can easily choose from the category that fits your specific dietary needs. For example, Home Chef has a section for carb-conscious consumers, ideal for a diabetes diet. You can also find specialty menus for the foods you love, such as salmon, steak, fish, or salads. With everything clearly organized, it makes choosing your meals faster and easier
What’s more, specialty diets usually translate to several dollar signs, but that’s not the case with Home Chef. In fact, this meal delivery kit option has proven to be even more economical than your average grocery store shopping. That’s because you get everything you need (and nothing more) properly portioned to minimize waste.
Finally, Home Chef meals are delivered ready for cooking. You’ll just have to toss together a few ingredients, and your food will be served in about 30 minutes. This is a real benefit for anyone, but especially for diabetics who are worried that a special health diet will require tons of time commitment. Home Chef proves that you can eat the way your body needs you to without being a slave to the kitchen.
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  • Meals start at $6.99 per serving
  • Detailed nutrition facts for each recipe
  • Low-calorie menus
When you hear specialty, you automatically think expensive. As we mentioned earlier with Home Chef, sometimes meal delivery kits can work out cheaper than your typical grocery shopping. Well, with HelloFresh, this is no doubt the case since you can get a meal for as little as $6.99! Add to that the free shipping on all meal plans, and you’re practically being paid to eat healthier!
HelloFresh also includes detailed nutrition information for every meal you order including calories, carbs, sugar, fiber, fat, saturated fat, and protein counts. It even has cholesterol and sodium amounts, making it easy for a diabetic to keep track of all the important elements of their diet. HelloFresh has also got a 550-calorie menu for meals that help you ensure your calorie count is kept to a healthy amount.
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Healthy Eating Made Easy
Eating well for a diabetic used to be an expensive, tedious, and time-consuming chore that many people simply couldn’t keep up with. But it’s 2019! Today, you have healthier options that make sticking to your diet not just doable, but fun and delicious too. With meal delivery kits that offer healthy meals, ready-to-cook food, and chef-inspired recipes, anyone can live a healthier lifestyle and love every minute of it.
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