Nutrisystem Review
February 22, 2019 / Hollie Shuttlewood
Nutrisystem Review
February 22, 2019 / Hollie Shuttlewood
Nutrisystem Review
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How Does Nutrisystem Work?
Nutrisystem is a meal plan company with a purpose: to help you lose weight. Its meals contain the right balance of nutrients to put you in fat-burning mode. Essentially, Nutrisystem’s goal is to get you used to eating the right foods in the right portions so you can keep the weight off permanently.
Nutrisystem offers four categories of weight loss and diet plans: a women’s standard plan, men’s standard plan, diabetes plan, and vegetarian plan. With each plan, subscribers get a choice of four subscription packages: Basic, a kit with pre-selected, ready-to-eat meals; Core, offering a choice from more than 100 foods plus access to counselors and dieticians; Uniquely Yours, with a choice of more than 160 menu items and unlimited frozen meals and snacks; and Uniquely Yours Plus, containing all the benefits of the other plans plus daily high-protein shakes.
Each of Nutrisystem’s meal plans comes with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your first order, you have 14 days to send the remaining meals back to Nutrisystem for a full refund (minus shipping).
If you’re new to Nutrisystem, you can choose one of the plans for yourself. Alternatively, the Nutrisystem home page has a function that lets you enter your height and weight to find the most suitable plan for your profile.
What Does Nutrisystem Offer?
Nutrisystem takes care of your entire day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner plus three snacks throughout the day. Each plan is a little different, but the idea is the same: to provide you with all your meals and snacks for the day so you don’t need to go elsewhere for food.
Picture: Mac & cheese with turkey sausage
Following is an example of a typical day with the women’s Uniquely Yours plan. For breakfast, you get a cranberry orange muffin with mixed nuts and a cup of coffee, followed by a mid-morning snack of low-fat plain yogurt. For lunch, you get a hamburger with side salad, followed by an afternoon snack of apple slices with almond butter. For dinner, you get roasted turkey medallions and green beans. In the evening you finish the day with a red velvet cupcake.
Picture: Artichoke-stuffed chicken breast
The vegetarian plans involve the same daily routine, but without meat. For example, you might start off with homestyle pancakes, yogurt, and a cup of coffee for breakfast. For mid-morning snack, you would enjoy low-fat cheese and bell pepper strips. Lunch would involve something like an egg-white spinach crepe with a cucumber and tomato salad. For afternoon snack, enjoy some mixed nuts and fresh berries. For dinner, you would get something along the lines of stuffed pasta shells and sautéed spinach. Vegetarians get an evening snack too, such as a chocolate brownie bar.
Picture: Vegetable lasagna
Here’s how your day might look if you subscribe to the diabetes plan. For breakfast, apple cinnamon oatmeal, followed by low-fat Greek yogurt and blueberries for morning snack. For lunch, cheese tortellini with sliced vegetables, followed by whole grain crackers and cheese as a snack. Finally, you’d get to enjoy Santa Fe-style chicken tacos and salad for dinner, and white cheddar popcorn as an evening snack.
What’s It Gonna Cost me?
With Nutrisystem, women’s plans cost slightly less than men’s plans. Women’s standard, diabetes, and vegetarian plans all come with the same fixed price per day, plus additional costs for add-ons. It works the same way for men, except that men pay roughly 10-11% more than women. Customers can earn $30 off their next order simply for referring a friend.
Pricing is as follows:
Type Basic Uniquely Yours Uniquely Yours Plus
Women’s $10.18 / day $12.50 / day $13.93 / day
Men’s $11.61 / day $13.93 / day $15.36 / day
Residents of the Continental U.S. get free shipping on all four-week plan orders. Residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, military addresses, and Canada pay standard shipping fees for all orders. If your order includes a combination frozen and non-frozen food items, the order may be delivered in two separate shipments. Deliveries usually arrive within 4-10 days.
Getting Your Box
All frozen food items arrive in expanded polystyrene made with up to 75% recycled content. Some deliveries arrive in coolers, which are 100% recyclable. Nutrisystem encourages its customers to recycle their frozen food containers. For a full list of drop off locations for your recyclable containers, see
Help & Support
Nutrisystem has a user-friendly website, making it easy to find the most suitable plan for you. If you hit any trouble, the website contains a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page. The FAQ page contains information about Nutrisystem, the science behind its products, ordering products, starting your weight loss program, and discounts and rewards programs. If you wish to speak to a customer support rep, Nutrisystem operates a toll-free number at (800) 435-4074.
So, What’s for Dinner?
Going on a weight-loss program doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of great food. With Nutrisystem, you can enjoy all your favorite foods and lose weight at the same time. Nutrisystem’s in-house team of chefs and nutritionists have worked hard to identify foods that leave its customers feeling satisfied. With plans for men and women and niche plans for vegetarians and diabetics, there are options here for everyone.
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