Noom Review
May 07, 2019 / Hollie Shuttlewood
Noom Review
May 07, 2019 / Hollie Shuttlewood
Noom Review
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Customized weight loss program
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Noom offers customized 16-week courses to help users stop dieting and reach their weight loss and health goals. Each user gets their own unique plan, specially designed for them by Noom’s in-house team of nutritionists and psychologists. According to a study by Scientific Reports, 78% of Noom users sustained weight loss over a period of nine months.
How Does Noom Work?
Because Noom revolves around customized plans, the registration process involves a lengthy questionnaire that takes around 10 minutes to complete. The survey is divided into three parts: the user’s personal profile; their eating behavior and habits; and their psychological state.
In the first section, the user is asked to provide details about their age, height, weight, and weight-loss goals. In the second section, the user must provide information about things like how often they eat, how much they eat, and when they eat. In the final section, the user is asked to describe their approach to eating and, more generally, to their health and wellbeing. This section is very detailed and really digs into the user’s mindset in regard to eating. Finally, the user is asked to set a non-weight loss goal, e.g. running 5k or enjoying outdoor activities.
Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire in full, you’ll need to wait for about another two minutes while Noom’s system goes to work reviewing all your answers. Finally, you’ll be redirected a new screen where you can enter your contact details and billing details to begin a 14-day trial.
What Does Noom Offer?
Noom doesn’t offer meal kits. Instead, it offers sophisticated 16-week course where you learn and apply skills that can help you lose weight and stay healthy.
The Noom app includes tasty, healthy recipes
Unlike other weight-loss programs, Noom’s programs focus around the thoughts, triggers, and obstacles that can get in the way of your losing weight. The idea is to help you develop sustainable habits that keep you fit and healthy long after you complete Noom’s course.
Noom shows you real-time data to keep you motivated
Depending how you answered the sign-up questionnaire, Noom will offer you a course focuses on weight loss or diabetes prevention. Courses are broken down into different stages focused on: learning good habits; practicing those habits; and mastering those habits.
Users get access to one-on-one coaching throughout the program?
After you sign up, you’ll receive a message with an activation link for the Noom app. The Noom program revolves around the app, and includes:
  • Food logging
  • Meal feedback and analysis
  • Virtual support group
  • Nutritional tips and advice
  • Daily challenges and quizzes
  • Hundreds of original articles
  • One-on-one coaching
What’s It Gonna Cost me?
The cost of a monthly plan is $59 per month plus a $20 sign up fee. However, if you sign up for the full four-month plan, you pay $32.25 per month ($129) and no sign-up fee.
All courses come with a 14-day free trial period that isn’t actually free… because you get charged $1 for it. If you’re not satisfied within the first two weeks, simply cancel your subscription to avoid being charged the full fee.
At the checkout, you’ll be given the chance to purchase add-ons. These include a customized workout plan, a meal plan, or both plans for a total of $79. Add-ons are billed immediately, with no trial period.
Because there are no physical products, there are no shipping fees.
Getting Your Box
Noom offers a service, with no need for physical deliveries. All Noom subscribers get access to the Noom mobile app, where you can easily log what you eat, get feedback, and access article and tips on healthy eating. The Noom app syncs with most wearable devices, including Fitbit, Garmin, and Runkeeper. To sync with a device, simply choose the device from your Noom app settings and choose which data you’d like to share. At present, the app can sync steps, blood pressure, glucose, and weight.
Help & Support
Each subscriber gets access to one-on-one coaching through the 16-week course. To speak to customer service, call (800) 910-7375 or email
So, What’s for Dinner?
Noom isn’t necessarily about changing what you eat but about changing your eating habits. As anyone who has tried to lose weight will attest, the mind is often a greater obstacle to weight loss than the stomach. Noom focuses on teaching its users good eating habits, encourages the user to practice those habits, and helps the user master those habits so they can keep the weight off for good.
Get started now, visit Noom
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